Supermarket Skateboarding

Check out this sweet vid of the Top of the World team. Watch skaters Wade Desarmo, Jay Bridges and Mike Hastie as they tear up a local supermarket. I’m pretty sure this is in Tampa, FL somewhere but I can’t be 100% positive. They’re lucky to have gotten access like this but I’m certain that […]

Get Thizz! A Lesson In Bay Area Slang

  From San Francisco Bay Area artist, Rafael Casal, comes this awesome song and video of all things thizz, crunk and hyphy from the Yay Area! Learn all the slag so that you’ll fit in The Tank, The Rich, The O, or other various cities. This way you won’t be a runner, ripper, beezie or a […]

80s Synth Medley: 3 guys, 6 keyboards

Three guys, Thomas Holden, Sam Binstead & James Cronin (better known as Envelope Generator) play 6 Keyboards (ARP Axxe, KORG MicroKORG, KORG Triton Extreme 61, M-Audio Axiom 61, Roland Juno 6, Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar) to pull off a fantastic set of of classic 80’s jams. These boys have the style and flair to bust out […]

Want To Win An iPad 2?

As you can see we’ve been doing a bit of redesigning of the website. Hopefully you enjoy all the changes. In celebration of the new look we’d like to reward all you loyal readers. What better way than to give one of you a brand new iPad.   How do you get your greedy paws […]